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1/21/2002 5:46 PM
email Needs Your Support ! is growing and needs your support!  
The Schematic Heaven Archive is a totally non-profit, FREE resource for the musical community. Please show your support by donating schematics of any amp schematics you may have in your private collections that don't already exist on the net. They can be sent directly to  
Additionally, I'm more than happy to scan in (and clean up if neccesary) any copies of schematics that are only in paper form or even digital photos of schematics that may be attached inside an older amp. Just email me at the address above and I'll provide you with a postal mail address that you can send your paper copies to.  
As always, anyone that donates a schematic is also welcome to a link on the front page of Schematic Heaven, just ask.  
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
1/24/2002 12:51 PM

Thanks to everyone that's donated schematics thus far, it'll take a few days, but hopefully I have all the donated schems up over the next week.  
I'd like to ask everyone to take one last look look through their stashes for some of the amps that the archive either doesn't have at all or just has very few of...  
- JCM-600 (Can't find this one anywhere)  
- Any schems with the CBS logo on them. Especially late 75-81 silverface amps  
- Any of the "Red Knob" Amps  
- Airline  
- Danelectro  
- Hagstrom  
- Harmoney  
- Hohner  
- Kay  
- National  
- Oahu  
- Sho-Bud  
- Valco  
* Remember, a lot of the odd ball amps have the schematics pasted inside the amp cabinet. So if you have one, take a look inside. I can convert digital pictures to 2D schems pretty easily.
6/27/2002 6:25 PM
kim smith

Looking for Carvin QuadX schematic? Carvin surprised me by stating that they would not provide one for me.  
I used to be a techie and had quite a library of tube amp schematics; Sunn, Fender, Marshall, Laney, Mesa, etc. Gave them to a friend but probably still available. If so I'll try to pass along. Surprised not to see any Sunn stuff, they had fairly sophisticated circuits & sounded very good. I had a Sceptor head I modded with a Model T preamp frankly it smoked the Marshalls.
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