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Inside Fender and Marshall Amps (book)

12/11/2001 6:31 PM
Tim Casey
Inside Fender and Marshall Amps (book)
I just obtained a copy of a book by JC Maillet, "Inside Fender and Marshall Tube Amps". If you've ever wanted a detailed explanation of why things do what they do, this is the book. It also offers its own set of mods for common amps.  
While bulletin boards have been useful in my own self-education, I've obtained a few useful books. JC's book can get pretty deep in theory, much of which goes over my head. But it's interesting to note that someone has actually put the theory aspects in writing, rather than rely on Mojo, hype, and name-dropping.  
There really is more to being an amp tech than knowing what Stevie Ray did... Has anyone else seen this book? I'd love another opinion of it. JC's web site is called Viva Analog  
12/19/2001 1:40 AM

where did you buy your book from? does j.k. lutherie or the other book dealers carry it? please let me know.  
thanks, bob
12/19/2001 2:32 AM
Scroll to the bottom of the page for ordering info.
12/28/2001 5:46 PM
tim, i would like more info on this book.  
i can't find viva analog site on the web.  
do you have the address? thanks
12/28/2001 9:59 PM

Viva Analog:  
3/9/2002 11:28 AM
Mark Abbott

I'm also curious about this book, it does sound quite detailed, what is the consensus?  
Yours Sincerely  
Mark Abbott.
6/27/2002 11:48 AM
Mark Abbott
I can't buy the book!!!
I have tried contacting these guys to buy this book, however they don't return my email,can anyone give me any advice?  
Yours Sincerely  
Mark Abbott.

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