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Orange Amp Field Guide...

12/10/2001 9:01 PM
Geert Jacobs
Orange Amp Field Guide...
I have made a modest attempt to start an Orange Amp Field Guide. Almost everything I could find on the web is there. If anyone can fill in some of the many blank spots, any help is appreciated.  
Also still up:  
12/10/2001 9:57 PM
Chris B

That's a great start! Now all you need is a little information, a few schematics, some pics, and you're there!  
Chris B  
PS. Unfortunately, I don't have an Orange amp, or the schematic for any of them. :(
12/11/2001 3:43 AM
Ross M.

I can't help you out with orange amps, but I think that you can in fact create a form for information in geocities. They have an email form, see if you can customize it to suit your needs.  
Ross M.
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