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New Speaker Cabnet Pics Posted

10/23/2001 1:22 AM
Bill Harbour
New Speaker Cabnet Pics Posted
I've posted some pics of my newly completed 2X12 speaker cabnet at  
You can also go to the homebrew section of this site and get to the page also.  
Let me know your comments everyone.  
10/23/2001 7:25 PM
Ben N

Looks great. I'm planning to go the same way for a Deluxe Reverb extension cab. Did you use the same (1x1"?) bracing to mount the baffle?  
10/23/2001 7:52 PM
Bill Harbour

Yes...actually just wood screwed the baffle to the bracing which follows the lip of the enclosure all around. The bracing at the corners is just to add some strength since I didn't finger joint the cabnet.
10/23/2001 8:20 PM
Matthew Springer

And how much more black could that map be?  
None. None more black....
10/24/2001 2:02 AM
Bill Harbour
email won't see it in a dark club...folks won't know where the sound's coming from....LOL
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