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Matchless clone finished ( pict )

10/19/2001 6:56 PM
Dirty L K
Matchless clone finished ( pict )
Finaly got some pictures of one of my Chieftain clones !  
Check out the picture at  
The one with the Cow skin front !
10/19/2001 7:33 PM
Dameon Mullins

Wow, man! Can I have it? :D  
How much like a Chieftain does it sound? Tell me more....  
Love the Cow skin front! ;)  
10/20/2001 7:45 AM
Dirty L K

It sounds very close to a Chieftain.  
a little less top, i thought the Matchless where  
a little to bright.  
10/25/2001 12:37 AM

Good job! The amps all look well done. Are they some type of kits or did you build from scratch?
10/25/2001 10:26 AM
Dirty L K

They are all built from scratch.  
including the chassies.  
The transformers are mainly from radios and amps  
from 1950-60.  
The cow skin chieftain for example have  
a PT , OT and a choke from a swedish made amp  
called "Gösta Bäckström" from 1954.  
That amp by the way had almost exactly the same power amp as the Chieftain.  
Is there any other pictures of some Matchless clones out there?  
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