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Another new boutique amp joins the market.

10/1/2001 3:57 AM
Another new boutique amp joins the market.
10/1/2001 4:11 AM

Hi Ted  
Is this your amp or someone elses?  
10/1/2001 4:28 AM

The idea was conceived by a guy named Brian Thompson, who worked with Joe to define the basic requirements. Then, they asked me to join in to work out the details of a high Z speaker and its drive requirements. As you noticed, the thing looks like a ham radio transmitter, but we three are all ham operators, hence the look and the use of the 807's in parallel running class A with a pretty high B+ on the plates. Interesting circuit. Bottom line, I'm just a consultant and supplier of the speaker.  
It's been a fun project for the past year or so.  
We also have some other projects cookin'. Apparently, they already have a half dozen of those amps sold and it is going to be evaluated in an upcoming GP article.  
10/1/2001 8:19 PM
John Martin

Maybe those input connectors should be PL259's!  
10/7/2001 1:37 AM

259's... darn, I should have suggested that.  
I did ask them if they were going to suggest using a grid dip meter to tune it up... ha ha...  
Brian says they are getting a useable signal from the JW15 (that's what I call the speaker) from 20hz to 14Khz. I'm used to building speakers that tank at 6Khz, so that was a challenge. Like everything, it's all about energy.  
12/9/2001 11:54 AM
may i ask what sonic characteristics are intendid to be/are achieved in this series of is intended for instrument amplification or ?
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