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Re: Success At Last

6/4/2004 10:02 PM
Re: Success At Last
Could someone send me John G's mods? I've got a 75 that is pretty much hacked up and I'm trying to make it usable again. Right now it's one channel fender blackface style, fx-loop and reverb with dwell control. I dumped the lead channel and the bass/treble boost functions years ago. The entire board layout and wiring is a total mess and I can hardly remember how the amp looked inside when it came to me. Has anyone of you taken pictures of the chassis inside? They'll really help me building the 75 up again.  
6/7/2004 10:34 PM
Steve OBoyle

I am a little late but  
I just now started looking the my 75  
and its ugly and prime for some  
real mods..  
can you send me the mods schematics..?  
or sections to rewire.. I am not sure  
what I will do but at least clean it up  
and maybe tweek it a bit..  
and what of the footswitch?  
is it just a standard 2 button with stereo  
cables? I have a fender switch around someplace..

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