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My 'new' Bandmaster; Trip to Clarksdale...

10/14/2004 9:49 PM
Danny Michel
My 'new' Bandmaster; Trip to Clarksdale...
I've finished my Bandmaster... built a 3x10 Brown/Wheat Cab for it, got it sounding great with a Brown style pre on one channel, 5F6A on the other. It looks and sounds great! The voltages on the tweed channel are a little high, around 180V instead of 150V on V1, 200V rather than 180V on V2. I will do some more tweaking on that channel. The amp has awesome bass response, and the bias-vary trem is sweet!  
I went to the King Biscuit Blues Festival last weekend, and we stayed in Clarksdale, MS at the Shack Up Inn. This place is really cool! It's on the Hopson plantation where Pinetop Perkins worked before moving north to Chicago. Every year, after the KBBF, they have a homecoming for Pinetop at the Hopson commissary. They have a jam Sunday afternoon, hosted by Bob Margolin. Saturday morning, it was cold and rainy, and we decided to find something else to do rather than sit outside at the festival again. We found out that a local musician was holding a jam at the commissary that night. He played harmonica, sax, and sang; his wife played drums. We got there and it was just them, no guitars or bass. I'd say about 10-15 people came and went during the evening. I got at least 8 compliments on my guitar('53 ES-125) and amp! I didn't bring it Sun. night for the Pinetop homecoming, but played through Margolin's Bassman head and a 1X12" cab... It sounded great, bass at 2, treble at 9! The jam there ended about 8:30, but word was spreading about two juke joint jams starting right afterwards. I brought my amp to both jams and I had to crank it in those little places! Sounded great, although a little quite at times. I played through a Leslie at one place, that thing was bassy as hell, and sounded awesome. I didn't turn the rotating speaker on, as I didn't think it would fit the Chicago and Misssissippi stuff we were playing... I met alot of great musicians and cool people down there. Had a great time! Clarksdale has alot of history, and if you think that old style, amplified Mississippi stuff is gone, take a trip!

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