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Need A 1200V 5HY Choke

10/3/2004 5:21 PM
Brutus Need A 1200V 5HY Choke
I need a 1200 volt choke at 5HY for a 211 project I'm working on. Hammond chokes max out at a 1000 volt limit. I searched google and couldn't find any vendors for this item other than those that do custom design work. I want something off the shelf.  
Anybody know a source for HV PS chokes good for greater than 1000 volts service?
10/4/2004 3:12 AM
Don Symes

What current?  
What freq range? (<1kHz?)
10/5/2004 1:09 AM
200ma will do fine.  
Not sure about frequency. I'm using it as part of a pi filter in the HV PS. Thought that's 120 cycles. Is there another frequency rating I need to be aware of?  
10/4/2004 12:39 PM

the hammond will probably be fine.  
they're very underrated in terms of specs.  
10/4/2004 2:24 PM
Why not discuss this with Hammond Tech Support.  
They're nice folks.
10/4/2004 5:29 PM

The standard Ham Radio trick is to put the choke in the ground leg of the B+ assuming you're using a full Pi or choke input filter.
10/4/2004 11:58 PM

Hey try this (  
Theres some nice links on that site that might find you one if they don't have it. Of course forget custom as it would cost you an arm and a leg.,  
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