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for sale: b4 it goes to ebay

9/22/2004 12:20 PM
for sale: b4 it goes to ebay
Up for sale are a:  
Sennheiser E609 guitar mic. excellent condition, includes pouch and mic clip. $80 including shipping (48states)  
Middle Atlantic SBX-7 wallmount steel security rack cabinet. locking front door. fair condition, its been used as a road rack. $85, plus actual shipping (46lbs)  
2 Middle Atlantic U1 single space rack shelves. $17.50 each, plus actual shipping (4lbs) or both for $30, plus actual shipping (8lbs).  
350 alco knobs. black anodized, with red circle on top. no indicator. 1/4 shaft. exact to mouser part number (indicator excluded)506-KLN500B1/4. 100 goes for 4.07 each at mouser. $.75 each, minimum 50 pcs. these are easy to add an indicator. just drill a hole and fill it with hobby paint of your choice.  
payment by postal money order. my zip is 48855.  
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9/22/2004 12:25 PM
forgot: more stuff
randall century dummy head. no guts or chasis. comes with faceplate and power cord. black carpet covered. $30  
peavey VTM amp head box. decent condition. i also have the boards and tranny for this unit. $35  
9/23/2004 5:50 AM

Hi Jeremy  
You might go over to and get on the instrument amplifier forum. I bet someone there might be interested in the VTM stuff. Tell them Enzo sent you.
9/25/2004 1:04 AM

thanx enzo. i totally forgot about the peavey forums.  

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