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Need help w/ Super Champ volume pot

9/19/2004 7:31 PM
Need help w/ Super Champ volume pot
I just scored a Super Champ for a killer price. Problem is, the volume pot that controls the channel switching function is long gone, and wired in its place was some cheesy pull pot that was the wrong value, and didn't work on the pull function.  
I'm pretty sure I found the correct pot in my parts bin (a 1 meg that looks identical to the tone pot next to it that's ALSO a pull pot), but I have no idea how to wire it up.  
There are two orange leads, one comes off the board, and one comes off the footswitch jack. I'm assuming this is the "lead" part of the circuit that is to be switched in and out.  
There's a blue lead that comes from the right-hand lug of the "lead level" pot.  
A shielded lead that comes off the first preamp tube socket.  
A lead coming from the input jack.  
The pot has the standard three lugs, plus two lugs on the back of a phenolic addition that seem to do nothing more that create a current flow path when the pull is engaged.  
Anyone wanna take a shot at "connecting the dots" for me?  
P.S. schematic here:
9/19/2004 10:39 PM
Ray Ivers

One of the leads associated with the footswitch jack has to be switched to ground, and the resistor portion of the LDR marked '013556' above the reverb recovery stage has to be switched in and out. Another footswitch-circuit lead goes to one end of the pot, apparently the blue lead from the Lead Level control goes to the other end, and the other wires you mentioned I really don't know about - perhaps someone can open up their Super Champ and help you out some more. It seems like this amp's been modified along with the pot replacement.  
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