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Re: Headroom in Ampeg V-4B

9/13/2004 4:32 PM
Re: Headroom in Ampeg V-4B
"Can anyone tell me though what the rated "clean output" is?"
V4's did 100W clean out the door. Don't be surprised if you see more, on the order of 110 to 120W.
9/14/2004 2:32 AM
Another thing I noticed about my V4 is that the midrange control, the sensitivity switch, and the guitar you're using make a HUGE difference. On my hollow casino with the mids at about 2 o'clock and the sensitivity at full, it distorts at about 10 o'clock. With my strat, it doesn't distort nearly as much. And backing off on the midrange on either guitar seems to cut the distortion a bit too.  
9/20/2004 12:14 AM

I have a mid-70s V4-B setup w/ 6550s. It also breaks up "well before noon". I just use the other (low-sensitivity) input and find I get much more clean headroom. Or not, if I want that rock and roll grind!
9/20/2004 12:23 PM
Update. Rolling off the mids significantly reduced the amount of distortion. The mid-band rocker switch is set to the middle position and the mid knob is at nine o'clock. It's interesting that this makes such a difference. A large increase in volume with only a little loss in tone.  
My friend and I can't thank you enough for your helpful posts.
10/10/2004 10:29 PM

Such break-up point could be a problem for some folks, but for me and some vintage Ampeg users I know, this is one of the main reasons to use those amps. I love this early cliping both in my V2 and my B25 (specially the later one, if fact, my main amp). Never heard nothing better -Fat, rich, punchy and detailed crunch.  
Maybe those amps are not exactly the ones you need.
10/12/2004 5:38 AM

I have a couple early 70's V4B's. They both start distorting with the volume around 4, and I've heard the same of other early 70's V and VT amps. The EQ knobs make a difference once the volume is up that high; try backing off the EQ if you want a cleaner sound. With a Hamer Cruise 5 with stock J-style pickups, play lightly and it's sort of compressed, dig in and you get the Ampeg growl. With JJ KT88's it grunts and sweats.  
As with any 100W bass amp, you probably want efficient speakers. Most bass speakers are inefficient to get the extended low end response. But the ext amp jacks are great for running a solid state power amp as a slave into an inefficient cab. HTH!
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