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Re: Buying a good clean tube amp: Fender, Ampeg, Mesa?

8/30/2004 8:43 PM
PAULH Re: Buying a good clean tube amp: Fender, Ampeg, Mesa?
Now I know it's not a all tube but if you can get a hold of a old Music Man 130hd. It's alot like a Twin. I owned one for many years. Very relieable amp. Loud and clean.
8/30/2004 8:57 PM

Dual Showman with 2 JBL D120f 's. Same as a Twin with JBL d120f except the Twin is open back and the Showman is closed back. For SS an old Kustom 200 is the ticket.
8/30/2004 9:28 PM
John Paul

I like a Twin Reverb with the Showman extension cabinet. Still, that's only 4 speakers to handle 100watts, so best to have JBL's.  
8/30/2004 9:30 PM

That was me this time/
8/31/2004 6:43 AM
bob p
i think just about everyone is going to be in agreement that the Fender Twin Reverb or a Showman head is the reference standard for loud and clean.  
IMHO, the Mesa cleans just don't compare. i've got a Mk IV, and the clean channel is about as good as it gets with a Mesa, but it seems a bit sterile in comparison to a Fender -- it sure ain't no Twin Reverb. ;)
9/5/2004 9:22 PM

TopHat Ambassador 100 watt head or combo.
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