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Re: Current made GZ34

7/12/2004 10:33 PM
bob p Re: Current made GZ34
[QUOTE]I read all the time about this with JJ 5AR4/GZ34s. I've only had one bad one out of +100.  
I wonder if there was a whole big batch that go through that were utter crap?[/QUOTE]  
Bruce, I seem to remember hearing something about problems with the first batch of JJ GZ34 that were available. Something about incorrect pin wiring, internal shorts, or something along those lines. But that was a LONG time ago and my memory is fuzzy about that. I'm just wondering if this might be the sort of problem that Winnie was referring to, and based on your +100 results, I'd be inclined to think that they've got the problem "rectified." So I'm getting the impression that the bad batch is out of circulation, and its probably not a bad time to test the waters and give the JJ GZ34 a try...
7/12/2004 11:05 PM

I remember that Bob. It was something with the wiring of pins 2 & 8, though I can't recall just what it was exactly. But it really didn't effect the operation of the tube at all. I have been running a JJ GZ34 in a 2 x 6L6 amp for over a year without complaint. Though I admit the amp is not used for gigging, so the time has not been especially stressful.
7/14/2004 5:42 AM
ted m
hi bob
Hi bob,  
Could you email me? I have a transformer question for you. Sorry for posting here. Thanks!  
7/14/2004 8:37 AM
bob p
you have mail.
7/13/2004 3:07 AM
Winnie Thomas
Re: Current made GZ34
I have not tried the 5U4 you mentioned, but I manage to get good ones on Ebay. I don't sell so many amps that I run out of stock easily.  
If you think JJ has the problem solved with the GZ34s I may try them again, but I must admit that I like the 5U4s in my amps.  
By the way, I was in your neck of the woods back in November. I was in Cheyenne. I didn't have enough time to stop and see you though.  
7/13/2004 5:23 AM
Bruce /Mission Amps

Not too far oldman! I-80 is only about 70 mi north of Denver and the speed limit is 75mph in Colorado.  
Call me next time and if the weather is good, I'll fly up to meet you at the airport and take you for a ride around the front range.  
I don't know if JJ has the problem fixed because I didn't know they had a problem! ha ha  
That other thing, with the cathode being jumpered to the wrong pin, was probably a "no big deal" thing and grossly over stated on the Net.  
I like American NOS 5U4s too by the way. I've cast my share of bids out on ebay to buy them up when I have extra cash but they're starting to get pricey too.  
The Svets are pretty good though, if you don't try and run 50-60 watt amp and 6 preamp tubes with them.

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