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Re: Current made GZ34

7/8/2004 12:31 PM
Chris - CMW amps
Re: Current made GZ34
Hi Richie ( Hall ... if so I gotto do some work for you .... )  
I didn't follow the Ruby tubes/amp-stuff but I've seen a recent story about a guy just putting a different country-name after a well-known and very respected amp-company ....  
The parts from Weber are very good imho ,  
7/9/2004 2:02 AM
philip ruetz
trouble with Ruby, etc.
Hi Chris --  
Try a search in the archives at the AX84 forum if you want the story about Ruby Tubes, and the trouble they have caused for a certain well-respected member of the amp community.  
As for the other situation you're alluding to ... I *think* I know what you're talking about, and that is pretty rotten, IMHO.  
7/9/2004 9:39 AM
Chris - CMW amps

Hi Philip  
Thanks , I'll have a look later on .  
have a nice weekend ,  
7/8/2004 12:54 PM
Rob Mercure
Re: Current made GZ34
Hey Richie,  
How'ze life on the river? While not a GZ34 expert the JJ GZ34, like all of their offerings, seems to be a well made tube and I've had no DOA examples (but I've only used a few). Definitely worth trying if only to let the rest of us know your opinion - so far I'm sold on JJ as the overall leader in high quality current production - not every tube they make is absolutely the best of that type but all of their tubes seem to be well made and reliable.  
7/8/2004 10:37 PM

Chris, yep its Hall.. thats me.  
Rob, life on the river in the summer and winter sucks..LOL It reminds me of the stories where they leave there pets in an car with the windows rolled up,in the hot sun. I have to work in places that are even worse.  
On a hot day..we've measured about 130 degrees,and thats with a blower blowing air in.. only thing they seem to worry about is if we wear our safety gear.. it just makes it worse..  
Ok back to tube yeah i agree,seems i've had good luck with JJ and a few others,they seem to be most reliable.. I'll grab a few of some of these that were mentioned.  
7/12/2004 7:20 PM
Winnie Thomas

I won't use any of the current crop of GZ34/5AR4s. The Chinese ones are so-so, and don't always provide the proper voltage. They also have questionable life spans. The Sovteks have been likewise disappointing in their quality. The JJ's were supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. I bought four. Each one was internally shorted and did nothing except blow fuses. I sent them back.  
I use NOS 5U4s now. They are reasonable priced and are rugged as hell. Just be sure your PT has 3 Amps abvailable on the 5 volt tap.  
7/12/2004 8:38 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps

I read all the time about this with JJ 5AR4/GZ34s. I've only had one bad one out of +100.  
I wonder if there was a whole big batch that go through that were utter crap?  
Win have you tried those (relatively) inexpensive ST bottled 5U4s from Svetlana?  
They're not too bad in 25-40 watt amps and look very cool.  

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