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Current made GZ34

7/7/2004 10:55 PM
Current made GZ34
I was wondering what you guys thought the curently best made GZ34 is. I got a couple of the VA Valve Art tubes to try. And both were bad out of the box. They worked in the amp,but would crap out on high volume.  
Anyway,i want to order some GZ34s..I know the NOS are best,but i want to use something currently made.  
At least it won't be any more Valve Art GZ34s  
7/8/2004 11:09 AM
Chris - CMW amps

Hi Richie  
Try Ruby or TAD , best testing imho  
7/8/2004 11:29 AM
Hi Richie,  
I beg to differ with Chris.  
TAD is extremely expensive and I had two GZ34 die on me in an AC30 and a Matchless.  
The normal Sovtek GZ34 is fine. If you are in Europe, try to get them through:  
7/8/2004 12:22 PM
Chris - CMW amps

Did you tell Andreas and/or Janos about your tube-failure ?  
Kindest regards ,  
7/8/2004 1:07 PM
Hi Chris,  
No I did not talk to them about that.  
Three years ago I bought a Marshall 100W PT from them. One of the wires coming from the tranny came off and I had to cut away some of the paper which isolates the windings and there was a piece of a terminal strip (looked like it had been broken off a larger strip, not neatly cut) to which the wires coming from the PT were soldered (very poor soldering btw) and the leads. This is were the loose wire came from. To top it all off, the terminal strip was glued to the windings by means of the heat gun sort of glue.  
And this for 100+ something Euro.  
Plus I think they are outragously expensive. For example the #47 Pilot light bulb is 2.00 Euro, whereas I can get them for 0.75 from another source.  
I can get most of the tube amp stuff from US sources faster and cheaper.  
Just my 0.02 worth!  
7/9/2004 9:18 AM
Chris - CMW amps

Hi Dominik  
That's a pitty ....  
anyway ( and in general ) : always contact the supplier when getting wrong/broken parts . About all suppliers are very willing to fix the problem and because of the feedback they may better their shipment-method or other things to secure quality .  
I'm located in the Netherlands and do order most tubes and most e-caps from TAD in Germany , shipping does take 3 days . Every shipment from the us does take at least a week but that's needed to get my other parts :) .  
Also ( and only for companies ) : no taxes have to be paid when ordering parts inside the EC , imported parts from outside the EC do get import-taxes and local-taxes ........ and don't forget about the shipping costs :) .  
TAD can be expensive for some parts ( use other sources for that like you do ) but every shipment send to me was correct regarding amounts and part-types ..... please don't let me tell you about some other suppliers ..... :D
7/8/2004 12:24 PM

Thanks for the replies. I'm sure the Valve Arts ones were supposed to be tested,but they crapped out, out of the box,and 2 out of 2 is bad odds.  
I don't know if they are Chinese,or relabeled Sovteks. They have the brown base.  
Chris,sorry but the Ruby stuff,i don't buy from them ..after the stuff they put a fellow amp builder through,i wouldn't buy anything from them.  
I'll try the Sovtek,i've used some a long while back,and seemed ok,i might also try those copper cap things Weber sells.

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