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Peavey Delta Blues 210

6/10/2004 2:38 AM
Kevin STP
Peavey Delta Blues 210
I am considering a DB 210,I tried one out this weekend and was impressed.Nice punchy sound with tremelo.I was wondering if they are reliable and wether or not there where any mods recomended?For the money it seems like a cool combo.
6/10/2004 5:03 AM

I think they are a fine amp. Before you consider modding the amp, play it for a while stock, after all you may not need any mods. Electronically the Delta Blues amp is identical with the CLassic 30. ONly difference is they added the trem on the Delta, otherwise the same. SO any mods for the Classic 30 would also apply to the Delta. Ther are a number of interesting mods on Steve's Blue Guitar site for the C30. They are as reliable as any other Peavey amp, and have the common cautions as any tube amp. EL84s are not a robust tube and will have to be changed more often than the 6L6s of larger amps.
6/11/2004 4:57 PM
Bill Harbour

I own a DB210 unmodified. It's a great sounding amp just like it is. I've had mine now for about 2 or 3 years and have gigged with it most of that time. The only problem I ever had with it was the nut from the handle attach bolt came loose and of all places wedged between the chassis and one of the PT leads....shorting the PT out. My local Peavey dealer replaced the PT and I was back in business. No other problems at all. I've thought about some of Steve Aholas mods but I really do like the amp just like it is and am hesistant to change anything. It's one of Peavey's best sounding amps.  
Good luck,  
6/15/2004 8:40 AM
Justin Thomas

A friend of mine scored one a few years ago for 200 bucks mint, and I think it was more than worth it. My only complaint is that the tremolo intensity tends to send the volume straight to hell, as in as the intensity goes up, the volume needs to go WAY up to compensate. Also, the reverb's not as deep as I would like, but my friend uses neither much, so it was a GREAT buy for the money. It's also a lot louder than my Prosonic, which is a 60W amp. Don't think it's quiet at all-It's not. Justin.

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