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TUSC guitar amplifier - any info?

6/7/2004 1:06 AM
Jon Fleig
TUSC guitar amplifier - any info?
At the Rochester (NY) Hamfest this weekend, a guy was trying to sell a TUSC combo amplifier for $250. It had 4 x 6L6 power tubes and massive transformers driving two Fane 12" speakers with huge ceramic magnets. I think it outweighed a Twin Reverb with EV's/JBL's. We were tempted, as the parting-out value was in range of the asking price. But about all one could do is make another equally weighty monstrosity out of it.  
The night's web search didn't turn up much on TUSC amps other than they manufactured between 1979 - 1981. I think the label on the back indicated it was manufactured in New Jersey. Perhaps a spin-off or fallout of people from Ampeg/Acoustic.  
It may have had a SS preamp, in the style of MusicMan amps of the era. So did we pass up a great deal on an obscure gem, or should we grin when we think about the poor sucker (seller or buyer) hauling that boatanchor around forevermore?  
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6/7/2004 2:23 AM
Ben N

Wow! Haven't heard of those in a long time. IIRC, they were advertised as all-tube in the signal path, but with some sort of programmable anaog style controls (maybe servos on the knobs). I've never actually heard one, but they were pretty pricey in the day. I don't think they were anything like Musicmans.  

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