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Question on long-tail phase inverter

5/11/2004 5:17 AM
Constantin Necrasov Question on long-tail phase inverter
This particular one is from a Fender Tremolux.  
There are four resistors there in the PI, between the cathodes and grids. Two 1 Meg, one 470 ohm and one 6.8K.  
Some other phase inverters  
list a 22k resistor instead of 6.8k.  
A 10k resistor is also observed in that position on some Bassmans.  
My question is: What is the cause and the purpose of such variations in the value of that resistor? What does that resistor affect?  
Thank you. :)
5/11/2004 6:48 AM

Randall Aiken has your answer..  
Go to advanced, designing Long Tailed Pairs..
5/11/2004 2:20 PM
Constantin Necrasov
Thank you very much!

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