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Best 15" Speaker for Guitar

4/7/2004 3:04 AM
Jack Koochin
Best 15" Speaker for Guitar
Hi guys,  
Sorry about the repeat here... a little while back there was a thread and some discussion here about the best sounding 15" speaker for guitar use. Of course I ignored it at the time... until now.  
The application is primarily blues, some rock, and a little country. Looking for a full-bodied sound, and like open-back cabs. Not overly bright. Someone mentioned an open-back resonant pine cab as well. If you can give me specific speaker model numbers for different applications you've heard, as well as cab ideas, that would be great.  
I'm all ears!  
4/7/2004 2:43 PM
bob p
lots of country guys like JBLs and EVs. i had recommened the EVM-15L in the previous thread. its a very clean speaker and covers country well. to make it as a rock/blues speaker you'll have to get your distortion out of the amp. it is very much on the bright side, though...  
if you don't want to mess with finding a vintage speaker, i'd recommend checking out something like the weber california 15.  
just my 2-cents! :)
4/7/2004 5:21 PM
Jack Koochin
Re: Best (4 ohm) 15" Speaker for Guitar
Thanks Bob,  
I think I'd prefer something a little warmer than the description you gave... something that sounds a little more vintage.  
4/8/2004 5:15 PM
Jack Koochin
Anyone have any other ideas?
4/8/2004 6:14 PM
Matt H

i've got a vintage c15n that was recently reconed by weber (before i bought it) it sounds pretty dang sweet... :)
4/9/2004 8:06 PM

another vote for the RI C15N-  
little bright at first but after a couple months of pounding very sweet. Kinda like a good woman  
whoah, just kiddin' 'bout the woman.  
4/10/2004 1:10 AM
Matt H

just for clarification, mine isn't a RI, it's an old one...

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