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7/21/2004 9:24 PM
Alex Advices
Hi, I finished my first amp project and Iīll begin with my sencond one. My first was a quasi SLO (50 watts). With Warren Haynes mod. Now I need advices for my second one. It will be just like my first, but adding triode/pentode switch, 6l6/el34 switch, and.. Here is where I need your help.. 100 watts instead of 50W (opinions pleeease!) any other mod? any other feature? keep the original loop?  
Advices are welcome!  
Here is my first one finished:  
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7/23/2004 12:50 AM
Don't know about SLOs but 100 watt Marshalls always sounded better to my ears than 50 watters. I think it was because of the larger transformer. More iron gives better sound -- at least sometimes.
7/23/2004 1:43 AM

Nice Amp... Professional all the way! What is the Warren Haynes Mod?? Thanks!
7/26/2004 2:31 PM

removal of the bright cap on the gain controlin the crunch channel.  
7/27/2004 3:36 PM
Hi, thanks for your interest!  
I read that Warren Haynes(Allman Bros & Govīt Mule), asked for a mod to add some bass at low volume on the lead channel. It is labeled on the SLO schematic (the corrected one) , itīs a 0,001uf cap on the OD pot. I use it a lot when I change the gtr from a strat to les paul.  

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