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6CA11 ttP for reverb??

3/3/2004 5:45 PM
6CA11 ttP for reverb??  
can this tube be used for audio circuits??  
would it sound good??
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3/3/2004 5:55 PM
Carl S.

Those two triodes are different, which is not bad necessarily. Their ampl factor is a little low compared to what we are used to.  
I'd suspect if you cascaded them and used the pentode for output it would produce something interesting....try it!
3/3/2004 7:51 PM

one triode is close to 12AT7,the other more like a 5751, right? amplification factor anyways...  
I'm not sure how available these tubes are, if I had on, I'd try it. I think it would be a cool tube to make a simple(1 tube) outboard reverb circuit.  
I don't know too much about this stuff, been reading & learning about amps, mods and such for around 5 years, now I wanna DO something with it...
3/3/2004 6:09 PM
how about a 6DZ7 for Power amp?  
high heater current...
3/4/2004 5:51 PM
Carl S.

Looks like the 6CA11 might be a hard find. And yeah, the triodes do look a bit like 12AT7.  
The 6DZ7 has a shared cathode. Never tried that arrangement.  
If you are looking at a way to jump in, I might direct you to AX84.  
There are excellent projects over there and great discussion forums for help.
3/5/2004 8:24 AM
I can get ahold of a 6BH11, when I do, I'll build a single tube reverb unit, based on the Premier 90, only needing two triode preamp sections and a pentode power section(all in one 6BH11!)  
I'll be modifying the Premier model 90 circuit with a different preamp design. maybe someone could build a single tube Champ? or a two tube Princeton? a four tube Stereo Princeton Reverb?  
I'm also building a couple Premier copies(kind of a Premier/Fender hybrid cab and chassis), the rest of the parts should arrive this week. I like the sound of my Premier, but it's not very road-worthy... so I'll build a brand new one!  
I've got so many ideas, I need to learn more about it(tube amplification) so I can design my own original schematics, not copying various circuits used by amp manufacturers or any other source. I like this stuff alot, I've read just about everything there is online about it. What's a good book that will show me different simple circuits and how to customize from there??  
I'm tired.............
3/5/2004 6:08 PM
Carl S.

There are lots of interesting underutilized (cheap) tubes out there...  
Over at AX84 the P1 Theory of operations document is excellent.  
Further, all the "The Ultimate Tone" books by Kevin O'Connor are fantasic. He's got them for sale at or I think Antique has them.

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