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SLO100 using a turret tag board?

2/5/2004 10:53 PM
Terry Shipman
SLO100 using a turret tag board?
Is there anybody out there who has used a turret tag board to build one of these amps?
2/6/2004 1:35 PM
Steve B.
I built one PTP and it came out nice but Ive seen others here that did it on the PCB layout that was passed around here a while back and they looked great and made the build easy to do with much less pain than doing a turret board.  
Ask around and Im sure some one can help ya on the PCB layout.  
2/6/2004 2:30 PM
Joe L

Yes, I did one with an originally designed board and one that exactly duplicated the physical layout of the true circuit board.  
My layout version required a lot of tweaking to get quiet due to hum from the switching section. The quieter I got it, the better the tone was so I must have been getting some coupling between stages also. The second layout which matched the true physical layout sounded as good as one done on an etched circuit board that was as close as possible to an original.  
I suggest a PTP using turrets or eyelets just in case you need to tweak or do repairs. Just follow the exact layout and good luck. Those things can be hum monsters if you don't build it right.  
2/6/2004 3:44 PM
Terry Shipman

Hi Joe,  
Thanks for the info.  
Do you have any pictures, diagrams etc.  
On your 2nd board, how did you run your interconnects between the turrets/eyelets? Did you try to follow the paths taken by the tracks in the original pcb layout, or did you run the wires more in the turret board style.  
Was your board the original size or did you scale it up?  
What type of switching did you use? Relays or LDR's?  
Different tack: What power tubes and OPT did you use?  
Any info appreciated.  
2/11/2004 4:32 AM
Joe L

On my second board, I just used stripped 20 gauge wire that followed the same patterns as the original layout.  
The board was original sized. I used LDR's.  
On my final build, I used a Marshall 100 watt PT copy from Newsensor and an OEI 100 watt plexi output transformer. I have tried lots of tubes and it is probably a tie between a set of original Svetlana branded EL34s and some 30 year old Sylvania 6550s. The amp just kills!!!  
Sorry, I had a bunch of pictures on my Yahoo briefcase but they have all been deleted for some reason :(. Someone must have complained. And I switched isps to cable so I don't have an ftp site.  
2/11/2004 1:48 PM
M.S. Re: SLO100 notice
I really have been not happy about you guys building copies of the SLO.  
Please be original and inovate not copy things  
Thank you!  
2/12/2004 8:56 PM
Joe L

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