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tweed super 5f4

1/29/2004 1:52 AM
scott c tweed super 5f4
any builders out there?
1/29/2004 12:32 PM
Bob King

I have build a number of these amp's How can I help  
Bob King  
dB King Guitar Amp  
Hermon, Maine
1/29/2004 4:01 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps
Oh yes...
I have twenty five fully finished 2x10 tweed cabs here, 54 amps worth of Heyboer transformer sets and a whole bunch bunch of parts for my new and soon to be released 5F4, 5E5 and 5E7 tweed kits Scott.  
What are you needing help with or trying to build?  
1/29/2004 4:57 PM
scott c
im frustrated with the clubman project, too many pros and cons, i was going to do a tweed baseman but thought a tweed super would be easier on the wallet, especially in speaker cost. so tell me about your kit bruce, and bob i could use some details on what components you use, im especially curious about the selenium rectifier, what does it do, and are they available?
1/29/2004 6:16 PM

Just wondering - what B+ have you chosen? I'm iffy on the power rating of those amps. I hear numbers from 25 to 35W and B+ from 390 to 440V. Oh damn!
1/30/2004 1:41 AM
scott c
about 400v should work,
1/30/2004 12:51 PM
Bob King

Bruce is the man, and I have a lot respect for his knowledge about tube amps and his kits has got great review by all. I have made four or five of the Fender 5f4 or 5e7 amp some have 5881's as output tubes. I have one EL34s and one with a couple of 6v6gt as output tube along with 2 6SN7s and a 12ax7 as the preamp. The one on my workbench now has all octal tubes in it they are 5U4 2-6L6 2-6sn7 and a 6SC5 as the preamp tube. As far as what I am using for speakers, I have one with 2 12 speakers one with 2 10 speakers one with one 15 speakers and only all have one 12 speaker. My favorite is the 5881 output with the 2 10 speakers, Cost wise, These is not a big difference from a 5F6a to a 5F4 for the amp less then 100 bucks depending on what you are using for PT & OT. But you are right, big difference is in the cabinet and speakers cost. But it is what you are looking for in an amp both in power and in tone. Anywhere if you additional information please let know.
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