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EH Micro Synth not working

9/26/2004 8:51 PM
EH Micro Synth not working
I bought this new but non working. It will switch on w led light on and i get sound when on the high gain channel of my amp w the volume turned up..but the sound i get is a milder version of my amps sound. I hear a swoosh sound when i move the 2nd to the last slider switch up and down and the slider for guitar workes as a volume, but no other sliders seem to work. I chked all wire connections, made sure all the ic's were snug in there sockets, changed the power switch w a new one--it wasnt very good so i changed it, and even changed out the 3pdt switch w another one and still no difference..  
9/26/2004 8:55 PM

Btw- this is a re-issue.
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