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repairing a broken delay

8/29/2004 5:21 AM
repairing a broken delay
I had an old tokai analog delay that someone gave me that sounded great until it crapped out on me...  
Today I decided to try to fix it and put it into a new box, but I am running into difficulties.  
When it started to malfunction, basically it just passed a clean signal with no effect. To get the delay to work, I had to mash around on the case or maybe push down on the input jack -- in other words, something went screwy. I thought maybe just re-soldering the input jack would do the trick, but no luck. It powers on (I replaced the power jack and installed a new heavy duty on/off switch in place of the old one) but still only passes a clean signal. I noticed that the original on/off switch had possibly a capacitor soldered to its lugs - could that be my issue?  
Nothing looks broken on the top of the circuit board, and at this point I don't see any broken solder joints on the back. Only potential issue I see is a couple of holes in the top of the board that aren't bridged by a capacitor or resistor - wondering if maybe something fell out -- I hope not!!  
Can anyone point out what I might look for in trying to solve this problem?
9/1/2004 12:45 AM
Alvaro Salinas

Somewhere i have the schematic for your tokay delay..  
Send me an email
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