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HELP! with Crybaby...

7/14/2004 10:51 PM
Patrick HELP! with Crybaby...
Hello all,  
I bought a (reissue but older) GCB-95 off e-bay and it was in sad shape to say the least. The guy I bought it from had tried to wire it, but gave up, so I'm trying to bring it back to life. It has a 470K pot instead of the 100K the circuit presumably calls for. I wired it with a 3PDT Fulltone switch (also supplied) and no wah, just a lame volume pedal like effect. Now it appears that it could be the inductor?! as the Dunlop site says measure across the 33K resistor and if the reading is higher than 100 ohms, that's the problem. Could it perhaps be the 470K pot not giving a wah effect?  
Also, can anyone tell me which number 1, 2 & 3 on the pot correspond to (CW, CCW & SL)?  
Any and all opinions or feedback welcome.  
Best regards,  
7/16/2004 5:00 PM

I've drawn a wah pot pinout to help make sense of the Dunlop Hotpotz II format (traditional style on the left and HotPotz II on the right, rear views)...  
Yes, 100k is recommended, although ElectroHarmonix is marketing a 200k pot right now that might be cool too.  
Also check in the "Technology of the..." wah pedals section and read the thorough dissection of the CryBaby circuit.
7/22/2004 12:09 AM

Hey Skreddy,  
Thanks so much!!!  
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