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Replacement switches for 5 & 7 series Ibanez Pedals

6/22/2004 9:13 PM
Replacement switches for 5 & 7 series Ibanez Pedals
OK folks, this may be common knowledge but believe me I have not been able to find out what the heck the replacement part # / mfr. is for the on/off switches used in the Ibanez 5 & 7 series pedals.  
I went to the Ibanez website and BEHOLD they actually have components lists for their effects pedals!  
Just on the chance that the part #'s and/or descriptions included on their parts lists might correspond with anything commercially available, I did a seach and guess what! I found a match.  
Actually, I did scan the Mouser catalogue and was able to come up with some likely candidates and as it turns out, my educated guess looks to be correct.  
Anyway (drum roll please)... here's what I came up with.  
Mouser Part #: 688-SPPB512300  
Mfr. Part #: SPPB512300  
Mfr.: ALPS  
Description: ALPS Detector Switches  
VERTICAL 35.7gf PCB*688SPPB512300*&terms=688-SPPB512300&Dk=1&D=*688SPPB512300*&N=0&crc=true  
The Ibanez URL where I found part list info (in this case for the DE-7 delay/echo pedal)... go here:  
Note that the Ibanez core part number matches the ALPS switch number.  
Maybe this will help someone.
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