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6/18/2004 3:37 PM
When is it a good idea to replace electrolic caps with higher quality tantalum ones? is there ever a downside to this?
6/22/2004 1:39 PM
Mark Hammer

Most of the instances I have seen in pedals where tantalum caps were used tended to be because tantalums could be easily "folded over" to lie on their sides and make a board fit a tight space. These days, however, electrolytic caps can be extremely space-conscious. I have all kinds of electrolytics at capacitance and voltage ratings that are considerably smaller than their tantalum equivalents.  
It is my understanding that you generally don't want tantalums in the signal path. They are pleasingly stable over the long haul, so useful for adhering to overall circuit specs, but of course that may also be in relation to the properties of electrolytics made 25 or 30 years ago.
6/22/2004 11:36 PM
ok. thanks mark!
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