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Help With Boss DS1 2SK30ATM FET

4/11/2004 10:32 PM
Help With Boss DS1 2SK30ATM FET
I'm cross referencing the Japan made 2SK30ATM FET that is used in the Boss DS1 pedal and it references over to the NTE459...My question though,the gate and drain connections shown for both FETs is opposite on the 2 listings..The 2SK30ATM shows pin 2 as the gate and pin 3 as the drain and the NTE459 shows pin 2 as the drain and pin 3 as the gate..Can I still use the NTE459 and how does it install onto the board being opposite of the original FET? Thanks for some help on this..  
4/13/2004 12:10 AM
Mark Hammer?
Paging Mark? ;o)
4/22/2004 1:35 PM
anonymous Re: Help With Boss DS1 2SK30ATM FET
What about twisting the legs (don't cut them too short).
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