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Re: 4558 chip poppps

4/1/2003 9:37 PM
Tefi B. Re: 4558 chip poppps
yeah this "bifstek"chip "poppps" in like heaven!  
5/2/2003 8:11 PM
Jim Salman
Diff between 4558D and 4558DD?
Someone recently gave me a JRC4558DD chip. How does this chip differ, in terms of technical specs, from the JRC4558D? (What does that extra D in the suffix mean?) Are the D and DD versions interchangeable?
10/17/2003 5:03 PM
John Greene

The extra "D" means the part was screened for lower noise performance. They can screen the parts for any parameter you want, if you're buying enough, and they identify them by adding a second letter to the part number.  
5/3/2003 8:50 AM
Re: 4558 chip
the DD means it has bigger boobs!  
1/11/2004 9:59 PM
Have a look at my post  
JRC4558 in TS clips pretty symmetrically  
in the general forum.

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