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Re: 4558 chip

2/20/2003 11:43 PM
Zap Re: 4558 chip
Right,TL072 is great,much better than those dull sounding cheesy JCRs.
3/3/2003 10:18 PM

agree... the new ones are just as good. but i did do a taste test a few years ago and for some reason the JRC4558 came out on top... the real clincher for me was using the same amp settings, guitar, etc., cranking the drive all the way up on the TS-x and then playing a series of power chords... then letting the chord sustain from clipping to clean...  
what i listened for was the transition from distortion to clean and the JRC4558 came out the clear winner in a blindfold test.  
fyi, you can usually find a Boss SD-1 (super overdrive) around used for cheap (i see 'em in pawn shops for $20 all the time) and they use the JRC4558 chip or at least they use to. plus i think they do the assymetrical clipping 3-diode mod is already in there... the SD-1 has quite a bit in the way of tubescreamer mods already in it without the hassle... fwiw ymmv.
3/6/2003 7:29 PM
h j
the op amp is only as good as the rest of the circuit anyways.
3/10/2003 9:54 PM

i've got nothing to say really, i just wanted to look like i was cool and had an opinion.
3/10/2003 10:59 PM
Rick Erickson

"Boss SD-1"
An excellent pedal. I hear people are perverting them to Ibanez TS808 specs now. I don't see the point in it myself...  
3/11/2003 4:11 PM

for OD tones, i bounce between using an SD-1 and the newer OD-3 (also a very good OD)... depending on the rig.  
a couple weeks ago i played a gig that had a lot of new-country pop stuff which these days you hear a lot of crunchier tones creeping through in the mix... the SD-1 did the trick and really sounded cool with my tele and SF Deluxe Reverb... had a lot of fun at that gig.  
i don't know what's in the OD-3 but it is a very cool OD that seems to remedy a lot of the things that some folks don't care for in a tubescreamer... i.e. it has a much flatter tone shape which translates into more bass response... additionally the tone control seems to be VERY usable and effective... quite a bit of gain on tap if you need it. i think it works quite well as a plain clean boost to. i liked it so much that i have two of them!
3/31/2003 1:35 PM

this "BIFET" this the TL072?...does it just "pop" in like the 4558 chip?

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