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Get paid to debug

12/11/2003 5:49 PM
Get paid to debug
Lately I have had bad luck taking known good working schematics and creating computer-aided PCB layouts the yield proper results. When I solder it up, I end up with either bad tone, oscillation, or extremely low output. I don't have these problems when I hand-draw a PCB or use perfboard! But I am determined that I SHOULD be able to enter a design into Eagle™, burn it, stuff it, and it should WORK.  
Who here has the experience and wouldn't mind taking on a project once in a while to tell me what I did wrong? I'd pay you what you feel your time is worth and for the return shipping.  
I just think this method would be so much easier than trying to post a problem on the board and getting best-guesses as to what could be causing it (after I've already checked all the obvious possibilities).  
Drop a reply here, and I may contact you in the future! Thanks...
12/16/2003 3:02 PM
Sometimes all it takes is another s...
Sometimes all it takes is another set of eyes to take a quick look. I'd be happy to help anyway I can. :)
12/16/2003 7:52 PM
Good news; my last project turned out to be good after all. :) After having another set of eyes look it over it sort of magically works now. ;) Maybe the round trip across the country set everything right. The right transistors help too, by the way.
12/18/2003 3:21 PM

Ah, nothing like the sound of a newly-working effect!
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