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22K=2.2M ???

9/13/2003 4:45 AM
stratking 22K=2.2M ???
Hey all,  
I am trying to debug my first effects box. When I went to Radio Shack to pick up all the supplies they didn't have any 2.2M resistors although they did have a bunch of 22K resistors. I checked the other Radio Shack in town and the same thing. Of course my stomp box is making just a horrible feedback distortion sound yet no actualy guitar signal is reaching the amp. So, my first clue is this resistor. Just wondering if 22K=2.2M.  
9/13/2003 6:40 AM
Dai Hirokawa

22K = 22,000 ohms  
2.2M = 2,200,000 ohms
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