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New oscillation problem with Small Stone...

7/12/2003 1:55 AM
New oscillation problem with Small Stone...
Hi all,  
Bit of a problem with my Tonepad Small Stone - I've made all the mods as suggested for the volume drop and oscillation problem, and there's still a slight ticking when the colour switch is on (I've gone up to 20K for R11 - could it be something else?), but now there's something else going on...  
When the colour switch is off, the rate of oscillation drops by about a half compared to when it's on. Is it possible I've fried one of the transistors or ic's, or is it something basic that I'm missing here?  
Any help would be appreciated - I don't think I could handle starting again from scratch! So much soldering!  
Many thanks in advance,  
7/13/2003 1:32 PM
Stephen Giles
Rewey, I think that Smallstones just tick, and that is that. Try driving it with a boosted level and drop the level by the same amount on the output - it should help.
7/15/2003 3:50 PM
Mark Hammer

Also worth considering the location of your colour switch. E.g., are the wires connecting it perchance passing immediately over the LFO?
3/17/2004 8:34 PM
Alvaro Salinas

It's a problem with the ic's.  
CA3080's are too sensitive to static. you could re-drawn the Small Stone PCB to a new one to get the Phase Shifting Network and LFO section totally isolated.
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