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Hum with Powersupply. No hum with battery!

6/11/2003 5:03 PM
Hum with Powersupply. No hum with battery!
Hi there,  
Got a big problem with my selfbuild wah.  
If I use it with a battery, there won't be any  
hum, but if I use it with a stabilized! Powersupply  
it hums.  
If I use the same Powersupply with my Boss-FX,  
then it doesn't hum.  
Whats wrong?!  
Inside my wah, there's no build in hum filter (Has the Boss or other commercial wahs a build in filter?!).  
Could this be the problem?! If yes could someone send me a little shematic or give me an advice?!  
Sorry for the bad english. I'm in a hurry and don't speak very often english.  
Thanks, MArkus.
6/11/2003 8:30 PM

Is there any kind of power supply filtering capacitor in your wah?  
if not, put an electrolytic cap across your power rails, shoulddnt need to be very high, depends how much power your pedal drains.  
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