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weird question...

5/10/2003 10:47 AM
weird question...
i can't figure this out.  
i'd like to have signal A pass to signal B (ground), and when you push a button (DPDT switch ofcourse) it'll connect to signal C and a LED will light up.  
A -> B (no LED, no signal)  
A -> C (LED shows and signal coming through).  
it's basically because i want to be able to "take the cord out of my guitar"/"cut the cord with a scissor" (and the HUM is welcome here!) with a push of a switch.  
any ideas/diagrams?  
- ced  
ps. i know it sound rediculous.
5/11/2003 12:45 AM

If you connect the signal to ground, the you'll get no hum. If you want hum, leave the signal floating in midair; you'll get hum aplenty!  
Just use a DPDT switch with one side to connect the grounded LED to 9v in series with a current-limiting resistor, say 1.5k, and the other side to connect the input to the output. Leave the rest of the switch empty. When the switch is off, both the signal and the LED will be left hanging.
5/11/2003 8:37 AM

thanks Skreddy.  
i'll be sure to show off pics of my experiment when it's done.
5/11/2003 11:19 PM

Why on earth would you want an 'effect' that sounds like you pulled the plug on your guitar??? hahaha You're funny, Man. Sell 'em on eBay!
7/6/2003 1:56 AM
There is a cool song by Catherine Wheel that I always liked... Simply because when the new guitar part comes in you can clearly hear the guy hitting the jack with the plug a couple times before getting the plug in and ripping.  
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