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Folk Fuzz help

5/3/2003 9:53 AM
Folk Fuzz help
Anyone ever heard of the Folk Fuzz?  
I copied the schematic off the web but cannot  
remember from where, built the circuit and it  
sounds interesting but the volume is so low it seems  
to be well under the noise floor, checked and  
re-checked the circuit and cannot find any  
errors in my work.  
I have built 13 pedals  
so far and 90% of them worked on the first try  
and the rest had obvious problems and were  
easily fixed, I am stumped on this one but cannot  
place a link to the schem, if anyone wants to  
look over the circuit please email me and I will  
send a jpeg copy, I think there is a glitch in the circuit  
which has a 1meg "fuzz" pot fixed at the input  
(kind of like the 50K pot at the input of the FF  
with the fuller mods) and a 1meg from the wiper  
and pot 3 to ground, from the pot the signal goes  
through a .047 film cap and then through a 47K resistor  
feeding two MPSA06 which is then clipped by the  
B. E. junction of an NPN MPSA06 and a PNP MPSA56  
on to a 100K "volume" pot.  
As I said, the little sound that I hear is interesting  
and I would hate to scrap the board ( I don't design pedals  
I just have fun building them) if any one would care help  
please email me.  
5/3/2003 10:57 AM
Um, nevermind
False alarm, I just realized my mistake.  
This is by far the biggest niggle I have ever  
made, I left out a trace on the pcb, no signal  
from the collector of t2 to the clipping  
section due to no trace connecting them.  
This is a unique circuit and after jumpering,  
the pedal works fine and sounds great to boot.  
More crunch than fuzz and the  
original signal seems rather nicely intact.  
See, this forum can help just by making  
you question yourself.  
Well, then if anyone is interested I guess I  
can share the cleaned up schematic.  
Thank you ampage,  
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