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Fender Reverb Reissue in Cyber-Twins effects loop

1/11/2004 5:10 AM
Chuck R
Fender Reverb Reissue in Cyber-Twins effects loop
I have a Fender Cyber-Twin, really like the preamp and get compliments on my tone, but I'd like to add more clean tube coloration and compression to the tone over all coming from the open-back (tilted) cabinet. So I'm considering a `63 Fender Reverb Reissue which I would run in the Cyber-Twins post-distortion +4dB/-10dB effects loop.  
It comes with two preamp tubes and a 6V6 which is usually swapped for a 6K6 for signal strength reasons from what I can tell. I'm wondering if I could have someone mod this for a 6L6 tube when I have it modded for better tone overall.  
Can anyone tell me if the signal is still running through the tubes when the spring reverb is bypassed with the pedal? What is the best placement for the unit when using it with a tilted back combo cabinet?  
As added bonus, I'm also wondering if its possible that I could put a 2x8 speaker configuration in the cabinet which I could ideally mod the unit to power/mute the 2x8 but if not then I could add a small power amp. Would the spring reverb be affected by the speakers in the cabinet or can this be eliminated?  
If anyone is selling a `63 Fender Reverb Reissue in good shape send me an email.  
Thanks a bunch,  

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