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OOOPS! EH Micro Synth help

12/7/2003 4:58 AM
anonymous OOOPS! EH Micro Synth help
Hi--- Can anyone point me to whare to get a replacement fader for a Reissue Electro-Harmonix Microsynthesizer? I understand that they are shorther than the original. It's 100K I believe(correct me if I'm wrong). I'de rather not get it from New Sensor/EH because the price seems a bit high/jacked up.  
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12/12/2003 7:49 AM
Rick Erickson

Chances are good that New Sensor is your only source. Most faders are OEM devices these days. Unless you want to order several thousand of them you might as well bite the bullet and pay New Sensor the big bucks. Just curious - How much do they want for them?  

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