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Re: What;s the deal with the Landgraff myth?

7/10/2003 5:56 PM
anonymous Re: What;s the deal with the Landgraff myth?
...17yr old virgin... ;)
7/22/2003 5:28 AM
Rick Erickson

"...17yr old virgin... ;)"
Jeez, they're more scarce than NOS NKT275's. :)  
7/26/2003 2:58 AM
A Colman

It's just a case of the old "the car runs better now that I put it though the car wash".  
I may all be worth it at home wanking on your endlesly tweaked to perfection Barbie amp but at the club after 6 beers and the first E chord at 100dBs nobody knows what the hell it is anymore inluding the guitar player himself.  
7/26/2003 3:57 AM
Dai Hirokawa

Everyone should just crank up so we all go deaf faster. Then it won't matter what you use right? ;)
7/26/2003 2:04 PM
A Colman

What? :)  
7/27/2003 2:47 AM
Dai Hirokawa

but seriously, although that is true, there are things that don't get tired like human ears do, so unless you want to have many nasty surprises when you play back the sounds recorded (or when subjected to un-tired, un-damaged sets of ears), you may not want to have too carefree an attitude.  
7/31/2003 3:58 AM
A Colman

I totally agree but gigging gear seldom dubs as recording gear.I meant, live it doesn't matter too much.  

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