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What;s the deal with the Landgraff myth?

7/3/2003 5:31 AM
Baggs What;s the deal with the Landgraff myth?
No offense meant to anyone, but am I wrong in thinking that the Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive is nothing but a nicely voiced but overhyped tubescreamer? I keep hearing how he supposedly hand selects all his particular parts and mysteriously concocts some sort of magic by "reworking all the circuit's inherent shortcomings" - or some such thing like that. Changes the likes of which apparently no one else has ever stumbled upon. I heard this about his 5E3 clone too - "man, the best sounding Tweed Deluxe ever made" - what I saw when I looked into one that came my way was a BONE STOCK 5E3 right off the original schematic. Not one shred of difference (I measured all the values) except a push/pull pot for a bright switch. Looked like a decent OT but nothing MM couldn't build for you. Bruce Collins (God bless him) would have laughed. Well, his OD pedal came my way too and it seemed like deja vu all over again. Basically a tubescreamer circuit in a small hammond box placed on what could have been Radio Shack perfboard and stuck onto the pots with 2 sided tape. It sounded nice and creamy but so does some of the newer mods Keeley's doing. Or anyone else I guess who studies Orman, Keen et al. Somebody clue me in cuz I just ain't gettin' it.
7/3/2003 2:27 PM
Re: What;s the deal with myth?
It may sound cynical, but I think just about everything is overhyped.
7/4/2003 5:56 PM
youre totaly right about the myth of this stuff. langraff makes NO sense to me. and Ill tell you whos worse.. pete cornish!! what the hell is up with that 700 dollar boss delay!? Who are these guys and how do they rip people off to the extent they do? its truly amazing how much pete cornish gets for his pedals considering that they are NOTHING new or great. and they look like shit. at least he could paint them or something!
7/4/2003 10:49 PM
Joe Gagan

At NVN, one of our orignal slogans was  
"Five times the hype for twice the tone".  
The way I saw it, the users would still be two times better off than half of the time from before, with regards to percentages tonally and otherwise..
7/5/2003 11:59 PM
Eric H.

umm...yeah!, what Joe said.  
7/7/2003 12:35 AM
I sold mine on ebay and never looked back. Way overpriced but while the feeding frenzy goes on you could buy one, sell it and make a few extra bucks. Laugh all you want but I kept my Drivetrain and OD820 instead. I also still use that cheezy CMOS chip OD from Anderton's effects book.
7/10/2003 4:56 PM
Doug H Re: What;s the deal with the Landgraff myth?
Man, it's amazing to me how much of the highly touted boutique stuff is what I would call "variations on a tubescreamer". Not that there's anything wrong with that, necessarily. I'm sure there's a gazillion odd little tweaks to the non-inverting-op-amp/active-filter formula that can produce a wide variety of nice tones. I *am* horribly bored with diode clipping, but that's probably *my* hangup...  
I do get a little nauseated by the "hand crafted, individually selected by 17yr old virgins" hyperbole on booteeker web sites (amp builders too, and in general they seem to be worse offenders), but it's all in good fun I guess. Someone's just trying to make a buck and if they put out a good product and back it up, more power to them.  
I'm just standing back and watching it all happen- and chuckling to myself from time to time...  
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