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Need Ibanez PT9 schematic

6/1/2003 1:23 AM
Rick Erickson
Need Ibanez PT9 schematic
Anybody got a copy of the Ibanez PT9 Phaser schematic they could email me? I picked one up on ebay that needs work. Looks like all that is wrong is the trim pots are sprung. The (FET) bias trim pot is 10K but the pc board is silkscreened 100K. Both trimmers look original. I put a 100K in it to get it working but would like to verify it against the print. Thanks.  
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6/10/2003 9:20 PM
John G
Did you receive the schem I e-mailed you a few days ago???  
John G
6/15/2003 12:58 AM
Rick Erickson

"Did you receive the schem I e-mailed you a few days ago???"
Yes, thanks John. I thought I had sent you a reply email but aparently I got side-tracked and forgot. You mentioned that you weren't sure what model it was - I have seen this one marked Ibanez PT90 & PT909. The PT9 uses a different chip set but is probably pretty much the same circuitry. I have managed to pretty much determine that the trim pots in this one had been damaged, removed and put back in opposite positions, not necessarily in that order.  
Thanks to you and Chris W. for helping me out with this one.  
P.S. - I would still like an actual PT9 schematic  
if anyone knows where to find one.  
6/19/2003 11:06 AM
Steve Soisson
Contact Ibanez directly. If you ask nicely, they will send one to you for free.
6/25/2003 11:00 PM
Rick Erickson

Oh, jeez, I have to ask nicely? :)  
Thanks for the tip. I will give them a call or email.  
7/4/2003 3:30 AM
Hey Rick!. I've tried in vain to send you an email. What's your email address?. The ampdog one doesn't seem to be working. I have the pt909 schem and also, another ibanez phaser. Let me know if i can help.
7/8/2003 6:06 AM
Rick Erickson

The ampdog address is still active. I don't know what the problem might be. Maybe try typing it in directly to your email rather than using the pop-up screen.  

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