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Hendrix' Fuzz Face settings

5/1/2003 7:36 AM
Hendrix' Fuzz Face settings
I'm using the Marshall/Fuzz Face to get the Hendrix sound...I think I'm close, but I wonder if there's something wrong with where I have the FF knobs set at. Right now, the fuzz is maxed and the volume is at about of 80% turned right. I do find the sound lacks highs, that's why I'm wondering...  
Anyone has experience with this? Where do you set your FF knobs?  
Best Regards,  
5/1/2003 8:58 PM

I run my FuzzFace clone (it has quite a number of tweeks and mods though, so it's not as fuzzy and compressed and lo-fi as an old one) so that the volume is at about unity gain; just a little louder than the bypassed volume (which in my setup is only about 10:00 o'clock, but I have the output/bias resistors totally different in mine from the original). I have my fuzz control cranked or almost cranked.  
Then, I control the amount of distortion with the volume knob on your guitar. At max, the fuzzface generally eats up almost all your high-end. Back off the guitar's volume, though, and you should get some sparkle back into your tone. If that doesn't do the trick, you may want to tweek the bias and/or swap transistors. Maybe try a silicon in the 1st position? Also, if you're using something smaller, try a 500k volume pot; that should also give you more high-end.
5/1/2003 9:01 PM

"Then, I control the amount of distortion with the volume knob on your guitar. "
That's quite a trick how I control your guitar, huh? ;)
5/2/2003 12:29 PM
I tend to use a smaller input cap, or use Joe's variable capacitor trick.  
What i have found is that turning the volume down kills the highs a little. I just leave it up full to boost hell out of my amp!  
Also, try adding a Feedback loop for some extra saturation and compression (maybe a little more gain too).  
(Don't even bother with a fuzz control on my FF's!)  
5/2/2003 12:53 PM
Doug H

"That's quite a trick how I control your guitar, huh? ;)"
Sounds like the intro to "The Outer Limits": "For the next hour, -I- will control the fuzz, -I- will control the volume...";-)  
I agree, the big trick with the fuzz face is use your guitar volume control - a lot. There are a wide variety of tones and textures available from that one control alone...  
5/4/2003 6:04 AM

Koen, To get the Hendrix Fuzz Face sound lower the fuzz control to O. Use the Level control to boost the volume of your Marshall as it's breaking up a little. Hendrix's recordings do not have a big fuzz sound. It was the combination of the distorting Marshall boosted with a little Gain and Fuzz.  
I found this little know secret using a 67 Plexi Marshall and a 68 Gray Fuzz Face with NKT 275 transistors and a Strat. I also found a great similarity with his post Band of Gypsy sound using an Orange Fulldrive and Deja Vibe into a Fender amp.  
If he were alive today he would be using the newest pedals and devices like he always was. Like the Machine pedal into a Fuzz Factory with a guitar synth and everything available.
5/4/2003 3:59 PM

Thanks for the reply's, I'll try the settings and report the results!  
Best Regards,  
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