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TS9 vs TS808

4/6/2003 10:21 PM
TS9 vs TS808
Whats the skinny on the ts9 and the 808? New ts9 vs old ts9. Where is the MOJO (totally subjective to personal tastes). Personal preferences? I play rock, Blues, Metal. Billy gibbons sound, SRV, You name it. What about the chips that power them and the mods available.  
4/7/2003 1:10 AM
If this does not answer your question,  
at least it's an interesting read...
4/7/2003 2:51 AM

Very helpful. Thank you.  
4/9/2003 8:21 PM
Mark Hammer
There is nothing in the "vintage" TS9 that can not be mimicked or replicated at the moment. All the relevant components are still available, and where particularly nice sounding older ones may be a product of quirky combinations of component values (often stemming from component tolerances, such as the +/-10% that caps can have, and 5% tolerances in resistors), all that needs doing is identifying the values that do what you like. RG's article will help you nail that down.  
There is much ado made about the JRC4558 dual op-amp, to the point that ads in Vintage Guitar now draw the reader's attention to the fact that this chip is used in this pedal or that (though that's a bit like saying "space-age plastic!" or "computer-designed!"). There ARE quirks about the JRC4558 that seem to work to the TS9/808's benefit, but not everybody likes how it sounds, and even when they do such quirks can also be mimicked with other chips. As RG points out, ultimately what creates the characteristic sound of the TS9 is how the frequency shaping alters the clipping. Everything else is really secondary.
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