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Re: JRC 4559 not 4558

6/19/2003 12:40 AM
anonymous Re: JRC 4559 not 4558
Does anybody know where you can get a jrc4559, or jrc4558? wasn't there a mouser part number for the 4558?
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6/19/2003 1:38 PM
Steve at Small Bear has them. Mouser has them as well. NJM4558D.
6/19/2003 1:39 PM
Oh, and Mouser has the 4559's. NJM4559D. The Mouser's and Steve's are the same as the JRC.
6/19/2003 1:51 PM
Mark Hammer

Slew rate, once better than 1v/usec or so, doesn't really matter in circuits of that type. Indeed, warmer tone is often the product of chips with what might seem to have "unacceptable" slew rate (witness the use of a 308 in the RAT pedal and the use of a 741 in the MXR Dist+).  
Trust me, folks, you really *don't* care if your overdrive is equipped to accurately reproduce 15khz tones.
6/25/2003 11:10 PM
Rick Erickson

"Dave has applied some black marking ink to disguise the numbering on top of the OP amp."
Careful removing black paint from op-amps. It could be extremely expensive Hi-Fi "Tube-sound" paint. ;)  
or for a second opinion:  
7/18/2003 5:47 AM
Ghet Reewl tube-o-lator paint
i heard if you take all your pc boards and deep fry them in old motor oil for a few days then spread a thin layer of 98% fat free vanilla frosting on all the little tall things that look like cans (theyre called CAPACITORS, they help make electricity) your equipment will sound the balls. seriously i tried it. its like pure tube sound. ill send you detailed instructions for only $400.00
7/18/2003 5:56 AM
ali g
"We are not able to provide an accurate description why the "Tube-o-lator" stuff actually works. Maybe some of you guys out there will solve this mystery and tell us."  
i cant get over it. this stuff must be amazing. i mean, not even the makers know why it works. for only 59 dollars per half ml i'd say we'd be stupid to let our audio equipment sound so terrible.

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