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Swell from Foxx

2/28/2003 8:09 PM
Swell from Foxx
I could have sworn there used to be a schematic for only the swell section of the Foxx Tone Machine on the web, but can't find it now. Does anybody know at where it is hiding.  
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2/28/2003 9:27 PM
Or it may have been from the PE Experience
3/1/2003 3:04 AM
R.G. Re: Swell from Foxx
It was the Prescription Experience Pedal. This pedal is a clone of a foxx pedal plus the "swell" section. The swell section is a duplicate of a DIY distortion pedal from Popular Electronics back in the '60's. The swell is not good, and is highly dependent on the battery level in the pedal and the exact type of the input of the amp it goes into.  
I never could get the swell to work reliably on either a real experience or on a clone.  
Your mileage may vary.  

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