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Re: Can you freeze a flanger???????

2/27/2003 9:46 AM
Re: Can you freeze a flanger???????
I can lock or stop/start the LFO of my Lovetone Question Mark Flanger with a small voltage to it's Trig/Gate. I made a Box with a 9 V output to do that.  
The Lovetone Doppleganger Phaser's LFO 1 sweep can be locked simply by inserting a open phone jack into  
the Pedal 1 controller input anywhere in it's sweep.
2/27/2003 2:05 PM
Mark Hammer
Now THERE is a schematic I'd love to see.
2/27/2003 8:30 PM
Stephen Giles
I'll second that Mark!  
2/28/2003 3:44 AM

old mxr's big flanger hada setting that stopped. I sold mine awhile back can't remember the way to do it. since it had four knobs and i have three brain cells i just can't recall! VDG

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