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American Woman Revisited!

2/19/2003 11:51 PM
American Woman Revisited!
Has anybody seen the new April issue of Guitar World? Check out page 58 and see the new Tech 21 “American Woman” pedal, complete with the endorsement of Mr. Bachman himself. “Over the years, I’ve been asked how I get that ‘American Woman’ tone. This is the answer.” Hmmmm... I thought that the Garnet Herzog was the answer. Whew! That was close! I was in the process of getting an order ready to put together a Herzog! I’m glad Tech 21 figured out how to make SS sound exactly like powertube distortion!! :)
2/20/2003 12:00 AM
Jim Jones

I guess ol' Randy likes endorsement money as much as the next guy. :)  
Am I the only guy on earth who doesn't like the Amercian Woman lead tone? 6V6 or not, I think you can get the exact same tone with a dollar store kazoo. :)  
2/20/2003 4:00 AM

I like the tone....for that song. How many other songs ya wanna do with it, though?  
2/20/2003 8:08 AM
I tried the pedal at the NAMM show. it looks like a regular tech21 pedal but in a weird blue metalflake finish. To say that ANY pedal has ONE sound is completely stupid. plug your es125 into this pedal and make it sound like american woman.... not gonna happen.
2/20/2003 4:16 PM
Doug H

Personally, I think building or trying to locate a Herzog for just getting the American Woman tone alone is way overkill. Now if the Herzog produces other good tones as well it may justify it. But the American Woman tone is pretty basic and simple to produce with a lot of different fuzzes and distortion pedals. Power tube, preamp tube, SS distortion, it doesn't matter - for this particular tone. You just need a decent amount of gain and clipping and decent bridge pup with it's tone rolled down to zero.  
2/21/2003 4:12 AM

I'm going to go ahead and built it, but to be used as an amp more than an effects pedal. As you know, the parts count is extemely low, so it should be fairly cheap to put together.  
Do you have any hot projects on the bench currently, Mr. Hammond?
2/21/2003 5:17 PM
big fat guy
I hate that tone too.  
Another tone that I hate, that people here rave about is Eric Johnson's tone...i think it is too weak and cheesy sounding.

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