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Re: Dobro_Sound for Pedal Steel

10/27/2003 2:44 PM
Re: Dobro_Sound for Pedal Steel
welllllll a couple of reasons:  
1) Already carrying enough stuff w/ me to gigs/practice (pedal steel, 2 6string guitars, 2 amps, efex, seat, cables/stands etc.  
2) doing some songs that dobro work would be quite fitting in.  
3) i know a few guys who want to do the same ;)  
4) mic'ing a dobro is a pain as well...
10/28/2003 9:29 PM
Stephen Giles
Ah, I get your point. I have to do all the carrying to gigs my wife and I do because she has RSI and back problems. Funnily enough, last outdoor gig we did was a fairly windy day, and our music stands kept blowing over, so my wife went out and bought a couple of solid ones which come in 2 heavy sections - more weight to carry!
1/25/2004 12:04 AM
Gilles C
Gary Moore used a Boss AC-2 effect on one of his CD for that sound.

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